Location: Pulborough, West Sussex


Main contractor: Landbuild

Sector: Industrial, Commercial

Scope of project:

A modern brewery and bottling plant for Hepworth & Co. Brewers Ltd in West Sussex. Developed on a green field site, T.A. Colbourne was a key design team member from the start and helped to bring the building to reality from a conceptual design. The construction started on October 2015 and it finished on May 2016.

Consisting of one large clear span building containing brewing equipment, packaging and warehousing and a smaller building containing offices, a shop/visitor centre and 3 micro brewing spaces.

T A Colbourne designed, fabricated and erected structural steel frame, fitted roof and wall cladding, features and rainwater goods for the Main Brewery and the Shop/Visitor Centre. Both buildings are low rise portal frames comprising structural steel portal columns and rafters. The main and secondary steelwork has a durable galvanised finish suitable for the humid atmosphere of the brewing and packaging area and capable of resisting corrosion from the aggressive environment.



visitor centre 2visitor centre 3hepworth


The 10″ steel sections used in this building were some of the last rolled on the line at Redcar before the plant was closed in 2015, other notable structures using sections produced at Redcar include the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Auckland Bridge.