We place the health and safety of our employees and sub-contractors and all those affected by our works, beyond commercial financial considerations. This, though, in itself is a commercial decision since we are aware that our clients expect only the highest standards from those they employ.

Our written Health and Safety Policy is extensive and covers all aspects of our work and those affected by it. Our policy statement and the whole policy may be inspected if required.

Whilst our policy covers health and safety in comprehensive terms, the nature of our industry requires that every contract is individually assessed and a detailed Method of Work Statement is prepared. A risk assessment is carried out for each task, and no task is carried out unless the residual risk and effect is low. Our contracts manager will ensure individuals involved have read and understood the documentation on which this is recorded. Our contracts manager will also be responsible for ensuring that the safe system of work is complied with on site. We employ consultants Safety Services (Uk) Ltd in order to support us with this and to provide expert advice.

Safety Services Ltd. visit our sites regularly to ensure compliance by our operatives, and by the client/main contractor insofar as they might affect us.

Safety Consultants:

Safety Services (UK) Ltd,
Lakeside Industrial Estate,
Stanton Harcourt,
OX29 5SL